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Darbar Academy, the world leader in Indian music proudly presents its new online course

Learn Indian music on your keyboard or iPad

You can now meet the cultural awareness and ICT skills requirements with our online course.
  1. Flexible, easy-to-follow video lessons that slot into your existing schemes of work and curriculum.  
  2. Supports educators, teachers and teams to engage all levels and abilities including SEN.  
  3. Ideal for enrichment lessons, lunchtime activities and after-school clubs 
  4. Perfect for musicians and non-musical teachers! 
  5. Can work at all levels: KS2 - KS4 
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Primary School Case Study

You might be wondering if this can work in your school. Watch this short video to see the benefits that teachers and students have experienced after using our course for only 90 days. In this school non-musical teachers used the course as part of their CPD. They successfully used the resources to engage with the learners and get them started. They can now play Indian music using a piano app on their iPads. The school is now planning to purchase keyboards to take this to the next level in the following academic year.  


Course includes:

  1. 9 Core modules & 5 Bonus modules

  2. Your first piano lesson
for absolute beginners

  3. 43 play-along practice videos

  4. Music notations

  5. Professional artist recitals to support the learning 


  1. Flexible enough to work on the iPad or keyboard

  2. Perfect for after-school clubs or timetabled classes

  3. Learn new skills and explore your new musical ability

  4. Improve hand-eye coordination & aural learning skills

  5. Increases cultural awareness of students

Meet Your Teacher

Jesse Bannister is an internationally acclaimed Indian classical saxophonist and celebrated composer, renowned for his compelling and innovative performances. As a composer, he has worked with prestigious orchestras such as the Hallé Orchestra, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and the City of London Sinfonia.  

Bannister's mastery of the art form is a result of his intensive training under the guidance of British sitar maestro Dharambir Singh, as well as vocal legends Pandits Rajan & Sajan Mishra. With an impressive career spanning over two decades, Bannister has performed on stages across Asia, Europe, and the US, captivating audiences with his dynamic and soulful performances.  

As an ardent teacher, Bannister has dedicated himself to sharing the beauty of Indian raag music with Western musicians. His passion for the art form led him to start teaching at the Leeds Conservatoire. Pandit Jasraj once described him as ‚Äėthe future of Indian classical music‚Äô. You are in safe hands learning from one of the finest teachers in the UK. ¬†

Jesse has worked with our team to develop this course which will support teachers and staff that have no musical experience effectively teach music in a fun and engaging way.  

Learn Anywhere

You can learn anywhere, anytime and on any device - tablet or laptop.

Step by Step

Follow a practice plan to start playing with confidence!

Music Guru

Learn from a professional performer with decades of teaching experience.

Teacher Testimonial

I have used the Darbar course for Indian classical music for KS3 and KS4 during the start of the year. It has been really helpful to find a ready-made course with resources to support teaching one of the more complicated styles of music.  

The videos are a great resource to support students in developing their understanding of how Indian Classical Music is created and how this has influenced modern day styles of music. Students have deepened their understanding of key concepts used in Indian music, widened their understanding of the cultural importance of this style and developed their performance and compositional skills.  

These resources have allowed my planning for the term to be much more efficient in my scheme of work therefore saving me time, something a teacher dreams of!    

Luke Smith, Head of Music  

Liz George, KS2 teacher

"Class teachers have been impressed with course materials. Children have also commented on how much they have enjoyed using the resource. We have used this course for 360 students. It is used in addition to the existing schemes of work already in place."

Ben Merritt, KS4 teacher

We asked students to edit the composition by changing the rhythms, adding ornaments, changing octave and adding an improvisation. So essentially the students improvised and created their own music piece. They were very engaged.  


Lorna Jones, KS2 teacher

"For many of the others this was their first introduction to Indian music ... they found the materials very engaging. I regularly stopped the videos to allow children to practice and demonstrate to each other. There was no extra prep time."

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